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From "Randolf Richardson" <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] mod_perl 2.0.5
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2011 17:02:03 GMT
> > 	I find that running ModPerl on Windows generally works well until 
> > Perl scripts are changed frequently (and using the Reload module), 
> > and then Apache HTTPd will either stop responding or just crash out 
> > (especially if PerlMagick is in the mix).  I wonder if this might be 
> > an OS-specific problem thought since my Unix servers just don't 
> > exhibit these symptoms.
> I use reload all the time it worked OK for most modules but some modules
> (at least the ones that use "use base 'modulename';" ) will have problems.

	That's very interesting because where I'm seeing the crashing 
usually involves code that uses "use base" somewhere (in one 
particular case the base is for some basic database stuff that 
utilizes "DBIx::Class"-auto-generated code).

	The only other times I can recall where I've experienced this 
crashing is with the Apache2::Upload module, or with the 
Image::Magick (PerlMagick) module (there are only a few instances 
where I'm not using these two together).  Even for test scripts where 
I don't use "use base" at all, I can still get crashing with 
Apache2::Reload after many script file changes, so I wonder if 
Apache2::Upload depends on something that uses "use base" somewhere, 
or if there's something common that it depends on that "use base" 
also depends on?  If so, then perhaps this points to the problem.

	I know that Image::Magick is a problem child in many ways, so I 
suspect this could just be the same symptom with a different cause.

> The good thing is that on Windows 7-64bit and 2008R2-64bit, the start and
> stop of apache is much faster then on the old 32 bit systems (Win2003, XP)

	I find that 64-bit Windows 7 is faster at this too.  Additionally, 
Windows 7 (and I recall also Vista) has a new "Delayed start" option 
for the Services which is nice for starting Apache HTTPd later on 
test boxen.

Randolf Richardson -
Inter-Corporate Computer & Network Services, Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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