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From William Bulley <>
Subject failure to build Apache2::Request
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2011 19:16:45 GMT
According to Issac Goldstand <> on Thu, 01/27/11 at 13:59:
> It looks like it's missing .h files from mod_perl...  Might I suggest
> you post this question (with the build output) to
>  There are some people there who knwo mod_perl
> better than myself who might be able to quickly figure out what's wrong...
>   Issac
> On 27/01/2011 20:40, William Bulley wrote:
> >
> > According to Issac Goldstand <> on Thu, 01/27/11 at 13:37:
> > >
> > > I must have missed that bit, but yes, it does need mod_perl (unless you
> > > want to disable the Perl glue, which judging by your getting it from
> > > CPAN, I assume you want).  The reason is that the APR C library Perl
> > > glue, needed by the apreq Perl glue (aka Apache2::Request) is bundled in
> > > mod_perl 2
> >
> > I don't understand everything you say above.  I was forced to use CPAN
> > since there was no Apache2::Request port on my FreeBSD workstation.
> >
> > I ended up building mod_perl2 and things seemed to work better with
> > respect to installing Apache2::Request via CPAN.  Yet it still errors
> > out (see the attachment I last sent you).  I need to build Apache2::Request
> > so I can build other Perl modules that depend on it (and the application
> > which depends on all these and more).  What do I need to do to get the
> > CPAN module to build correctly?  The needed file is there, but the INC
> > chain is missing the full path to that include file.  I don't know if
> > I should change the *.c (or *.xs in this case) source file, of somehow
> > change the Makefile so that the correct path is included in the INC
> > make variable.  Your advice is urgently sought!  Thanks.   :-)

I have attached the complete build log for Apache2::Request which shows
the failure (near the end) to compile Request.c due to an incorrect INC
path for an include file that does exist, but not where the Request.xs
file thinks it is (using a #include "file.h" statement).

This is on FreeBSD 8.2-PRERELEASE with the following ports in place:




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