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From Clinton Gormley <>
Subject Re: Re: I think AuthCookie(DBI) is causing segfaults?
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2010 13:31:28 GMT
On Sat, 2010-11-13 at 14:15 +0100, Tosh Cooey wrote:
> I'm not quite ready to declare victory, but I think installing DBD from 
> source and getting more recent versions of DBD was the problem, and it 
> seems there's a lot of little things going wrong with DBD.
> What's going on there?  When did DBD::mysql become so problematic?  It 
> used to run so flawless, even back in the day when you would have to 
> choose between mysql and msql during the install...

Are you using the same version of Perl and gcc that all the rest of your
stack are using?

I compile the whole stack from source, and have none of the problems
that you have described.

(The only gotcha with DBD is don't use a dbh in the parent process,
during startup, then try to reuse it in the child processes. That will
cause a segfault)


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