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From Chris Bennett <>
Subject Considering using Perl Sections
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2010 21:14:15 GMT
A while back I realized the futility of using a single httpd.conf after having many errors
due to not repeating things correctly in SSL section and the long length of the file.
I broke  it up into a httpd.conf, mod_gzip.conf, a global SSL.conf and a conf file (and SSL
version if needed) for each virtual host.
Right now that is a total of 13 conf files.
I like being able to diff the two versions for each virtual host to look for errors.

Right now I am using Apache::AuthCookie to protect a variety of locations, but that is making
things complicated again.

At this point, should I break the AuthCookie sections out into confs for each virtual host
using it, learn to use Perl Sections, or something different? Any suggestions are welcome.

Chris Bennett

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