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From "Hendrik Schumacher">
Subject How to handle (103) Software caused connection abort
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2010 10:32:09 GMT

I am running mod_perl handlers under mod_perl 2.0.4 and apache 2.2.16.

Recently (probably after rebuilding with a more recent apache version - I
was using 2.2.9 before) I started frequently getting the following errors
in my error log:

Apache2::RequestIO::rflush: (103) Software caused connection abort

Apache2::RequestIO::print: (103) Software caused connection abort

After investigating it seems these errors are caused by a connection
aborted by the client (either due to a timeout or user action).

What bothers me is that this didnt happen to me before so I am not sure if
this is indeed working as intended (and I should catch the fatal error
with an eval) or if something is broken on my side.

If this is indeed how it works now, the description at
on how to handle user aborts (by probing the connection with "\0"-bytes)
is no longer working. The print/rflush has to be wrapped with an eval. The
$r->connection->aborted may also be pretty useless then.

Could anyone clarify about this?

Thanks in advance, Hendrik

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