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From Mark Risher <>
Subject Re: shared variable between PerlChildInitHandler and PerlResponseHandler
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2010 16:24:15 GMT
Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I am still not able to make 
it work.

Spurred by your advice, I examined my apache2.conf config. Here it is:

PerlSwitches -I/mnt/hgfs/src/api    # the path where my modules live
PerlModule StartupLog
PerlChildInitHandler StartupLog::child_init
<Location /event>
    SetHandler modperl   
    PerlResponseHandler StartupLog::handler

In answer to your questions:
> The only thing where mod_perl may stay in the way here is if you use somehow a 

> different interpreter for child_init than for handler. Do you use a threaded 
> MPM, e.g. windows? Do you use the +Parent PerlOption in a VHost?

[mr] I haven't changed the MPM, and I'm running on a Linux host. I do not have 
the +Parent option

> Otherwise, the bug is somewhere in your code. Try to answer a few questions:
> 1) is the child_init handler called?
> 2) are handler, child_init and $sticky in the same scope? Forgot "use strict"? 

> Try to print \$sticky in both handlers.

[mr] I'm getting different addresses, which illustrates the problem

2010/08/19 18:13:37 child_init &sticky = SCALAR(0x220ea748)
2010/08/19 18:13:37 child_init sticky (pre) = 0
2010/08/19 18:13:37 child_init sticky (post) = 1
2010/08/19 18:13:48 handler sticky (should be 1)= 0
2010/08/19 18:13:48 handler &sticky = SCALAR(0x23102e28)

> 3) perhaps your intend was to use a package variable (the warning you print 
> out makes me think so)
[mr] I've gone back and forth on using a package variable; the warn statement 
was a remnant.

Thanks again!

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