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From Jonas Bull>
Subject Re: CGI pages not recompiling
Date Tue, 25 May 2010 20:01:55 GMT
Apologies for the direct reply.  Apparently the list isn't its own reply-to...


Describes pretty much what is happening, except the code changes in
question are definitively NOT in modules, which is why I find it
strange.  In the logs, I see notification of the changes to the script
- sometimes.  Most of the time, actually.  But occasionally the
process fails to catch the changes, which is annoying, but not as
troubling as the case where the script seems to recall a previous
version AFTER correctly compiling and executing the current version.

I looked back at my first post, and I neglected to mention that the OS
this is running on is
SunOS xxxxxxxx 5.10 Generic_141414-10 sun4us sparc FJSV,GPUZC-M

To the best of my knowledge this machine shouldn't be doing delayed
writes or anything like that.

Jonas Bull
601-324-0324 (Office)
228-222-2855 (Home)

On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 2:41 PM, Perrin Harkins <> wrote:
> [ please keep it on the mailing list ]
> On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 2:25 PM, Jonas Bull <> wrote:
>> httpd.conf has the following:
>>        SetHandler              perl-script
>>        PerlSendHeader       On
>>        PerlHandler             Apache::Registry
>>        Options                 ExecCGI
> Okay, so you're running through Apache::Registry.  That should notice
> when you update a .cgi (or .pl or whatever you've used) file and
> reload.  If you have any code in modules, those will need to be
> reloaded in a different way, possible with Apache::Reload.  More
> likely though, you're just seeing persistent variables where you
> didn't expect them.  Here's some information on what's happening:
> If you can give us a specific example of the behavior you're seeing
> and show us some of the code, we can help you identify the problem.
> - Perrin

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