Hey John

If you are the type that likes to buy books, let me give a shout out to _ mod_perl 2 User's Guide _ by Stas Bekman and Jim Brandt.
It has helped me a lot to leverage the power available in mp2.

I notice Ch 6 of that book: Input and Output filters, with subsections:
  I/O Filtering Concepts
  Writing well-behaved Filters
  Filter Examples
I would guess this book would provide all of the concepts, as well as good pragmatic advice you need to move forward.


-- jeff

On 4/21/10 7:40 AM, "John ORourke" <john-modperl@o-rourke.org> wrote:

What is the most modperl-like way to do that?  

I'm guessing the sort of filter described here http://perl.apache.org/docs/2.0/user/handlers/filters.html#All_in_One_Filter might be best, but has anyone made a wrapper that allows, for example, regex search+replace on the request body and header-rewriting?