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From Cosimo Streppone <>
Subject Re: mod_perl in larger scale environments
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2010 06:38:55 GMT
In data 15 aprile 2010 alle ore 05:11:15, Brad Van Sickle  
<> ha scritto:

> LVS does sound interesting but in your infrastructure layout aren't your  
> single LVS load balancers single points of failure?

I simplified a bit too much :)

Every LVS machine has a hot-spare, and you can perform
manual or automated failover.

Automated failover is said to keep your connections running
while migrating them over to the backup lvs. We have never
had a failure, just manual failover due to upgrades, etc...

> I'm ignorant there. What advantages exactly?
> I'l be brief here because this is a mod_perl list :)
> [...]

Thanks :)


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