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From Jiri Pavlovsky <>
Subject Re: Apache::DBI connect_on_init problem
Date Sat, 17 Apr 2010 21:49:24 GMT
On 17.4.2010 23:21, Jiri Pavlovsky wrote:
> On 17.4.2010 22:42, Chris Bennett wrote:
>> Oh, this is your error. You may only use Apache::DBI_connect_on_init for
>> ONE connection, which stays up and running. Use your more important one
>> (for speed) for this.
> This doesn't seem to make difference. It doesn't work even when making
> only one connection. The connection is not made.
> I wanted to make two, because I have two apps. One is frequently used
> and so the db connection is made from the app short after spawning the
> child anyway.
> The other one is seldom so there is a overhead every time request comes.
> What seems to work though is to create both connection sin the first app.

UPDATE: My problem was solved by upgrading Apache::DBI to 1.08. Yes, I 
should have done that first.
I can even make two connections from

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