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From Jiri Pavlovsky <>
Subject Re: Apache::DBI connect_on_init problem
Date Sat, 17 Apr 2010 21:21:29 GMT
On 17.4.2010 22:42, Chris Bennett wrote:
> Oh, this is your error. You may only use Apache::DBI_connect_on_init for
> ONE connection, which stays up and running. Use your more important one
> (for speed) for this.

This doesn't seem to make difference. It doesn't work even when making 
only one connection. The connection is not made.

I wanted to make two, because I have two apps. One is frequently used 
and so the db connection is made from the app short after spawning the 
child anyway.

The other one is seldom so there is a overhead every time request comes.

What seems to work though is to create both connection sin the first app.

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