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From Chris Bennett <>
Subject Re: Apache::DBI connect_on_init problem
Date Sat, 17 Apr 2010 20:22:14 GMT
On 04/17/10 14:27, Jiri Pavlovsky wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to prestart db connection. But Apache::DBI->connect_on_init
> is not working. Gives no error, but db connection is not made.
> Setting $Apache::DBI::DEBUG = 2 indicates that ChildInitHandler runs.
> I tried to create my custom ChildInitHandler and start db connection
> from it but it also has no effect.
> It also seems as if the handler was silently aborted after the connect
> call.
> I inserted debugging print before and after the connect call. In the
> Postgres log I can see a connection made and immediately terminated.
> So now I'm quite helpless as what to do.

I use Apache::DBI and connect_on_init.
What are your full details? Using
what values for initial connection?

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