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From Torsten Förtsch <>
Subject Re: [PerlMapToStorageHandler] Basic URI to File translation example
Date Sat, 17 Apr 2010 17:22:02 GMT
On Saturday 17 April 2010 18:32:13 Robert Smith wrote:
> PerlMapToStorageHandler
> I would like to use the PerlMapToStorageHandler to translate a URI file
>  request into a Filesystem file request. I have a couple functions to check
>  and see if a file exists, and if not, then copy it from a remote server
>  locally before allowing the request to go to the next phase.
> Basic gist of what I want to handle in the PerlMapToStorageHandler is:
> 1) Client makes a request to server for /
> 2) My handler:
> 	gets the filename from the URI (no problem here)
> 	maps the filename to a real file on the file system
> 	checks to make sure the file exists
> 			File does not exist:
> 				copy file from another location to destination
> 				properly MapToStorage, and let the next phase take place
> 			File exists:
> 				properly MapToStorage, and let the next phase take place
> 3) Client receives file
The only thing to watch out here is either to fill in $r->finfo+$r->path_info 
correctly or to return DECLINED and have the core m2s handler done it. $r-
>filename is normally set by the translation handler. The core trans handler 
does just $r->document_root.$r->uri. You can change that if you need. The core 
m2s handler also looks for .htaccess and applies <Directory> and <Files> 
blocks. So better to return DECLINED from your handler. Otherwise the AAA 
phases might not do what you want.

Have you thought about mod_proxy+mod_cache to solve the problem?

Torsten Förtsch

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