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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: Server Level Global Variable
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2010 19:37:35 GMT
Shibi NS schrieb am 13.04.2010 um 23:53:18 (+0530):
[Server Level Global Variable]

> I have requirement to maintain variables at server level say
> a counter(something like server restart count) variable and
> time date

So you're aware of Apache2::ServerUtil#restart_count ?

> so if particular event(say die on request handler) this
> counter increments by one and time date variable updated to
> current system date and time.  Is there is any way to do it
> so all request process get access to this variable can be
> updated by  Apache reques

Well, I'm a bit surprised I can't find anything that looks
like it's intended for this very purpose, but if you scroll
through the perldoc for Apache2::ServerRec and get to the
"Unsupported API" section, you'll see "names" and
"wild_names", both of which could possibly *abused* to serve
your needs. Here's a registry script:

         (o o)
use common::sense;
use Apache2::Const ();
use Apache2::ServerRec ();
use Data::Dumper;

my $r = shift;
my $s = $r->server;
my $ap_names  = $s->names;
my $ap_wnames = $s->wild_names;

$r->print( Dumper $ap_names, $ap_wnames );
return Apache2::Const::OK;

The output is:

$VAR1 = bless( do{\(my $o = 136268856)}, 'APR::ArrayHeader' );
$VAR2 = bless( do{\(my $o = 136268896)}, 'APR::ArrayHeader' );

But I don't know how to continue: there's no interface to the
APR::ArrayHeader structure. So this won't work. And it would have
been a hack anyway.

You could consider using memcached or a similar mechanism. But
I agree Apache should have something to offer here. After all,
Apache's emphasis isn't on being lean and mean. Well, maybe I
just don't know where to look.

Michael Ludwig

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