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From Adam Prime <>
Subject Re: Upgrading chained response handlers to mod_perl2
Date Sun, 14 Mar 2010 03:11:37 GMT
Iain Kennedy wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a data structure that gets passed to each response handler in
> the chain that the processed file can be stored in (like $f->ctx)?
> Can the old mod_perl1 ->filter_input behaviour be done by manipulating
> the input_filter or output_filter stacks?
> Is what I'm trying to do vaguely sane, even? With the following directive:
> PerlResponseHandler +Module::Test1 +Module::Test2

I'm not sure, but i don't think you can really do that in mp2, i think 
you need to read about how filters work in mp2, then do something like

PerlResponseHandler Module::Test1
PerlOutputFilter Module::Test2

where Module::Test2 has been rewritten using the filter API.  Geoff 
Young gave a talk about filters at an apachecon many moons ago that i 
found particularly helpful, you can still find the slides here:

> Having both Test1 and Test2 process the HTML response body in turn with
> mod_perl1 was pretty straightforward. I reckon I must be missing
> something pretty obvious, surely?
> Iain



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