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From Cosimo Streppone <>
Subject Re: Apache2::SubProcess sucks
Date Sat, 20 Feb 2010 20:24:31 GMT
In data 20 febbraio 2010 alle ore 21:16:22, Torsten Förtsch  
<> ha scritto:

> On Saturday 20 February 2010 19:25:39 Tosh Cooey wrote:
>> I do enjoy the fact that nobody really seems to have a simple definitive
>> vanilla fork/spawn process down pat, it seems everyone does what I do,
>> trying this and that stumbling about until they come up with some
>> monstrosity like Torsen has that works under the sheer weight of tricks.
> Well, if I'd said: "Tosh take ModPerl::Something from CPAN and call
> ModPerl::Something::spawn" you'd liked it (no matter what it does  
> internally), right?
> That sheer weight of tricks comes down to 3 points:
> [...]

That's really valuable, thanks for sharing.
However, a question:

is this something that should be included in Apache2::SubProcess
to make it better? Or is this something that could be published
another, separate, CPAN distribution?
Or maybe it's already out there?


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