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From "Ihnen, David" <>
Subject RE: A ghost in the machine?
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2010 19:00:18 GMT
Global?  There's no need to use a global here.   You only ever reference %CFG *in* the package...
so just make it package scoped - it'll act like a static variable and persist.  (scope it
with 'my' and remove it from the export)

You can always get the value you want with a call to MyConfig::cfg


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From: Tosh Cooey [] 
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2010 10:45 AM
Subject: A ghost in the machine?

Hi to everyone!

I'm trying to find out if I'm passing objects properly under mod_perl 
because something is not working as I expect.
use MyConfig;
my $vars = { config => &cfg };
package MyConfig;

use strict;
use Exporter;
use vars qw(@ISA @EXPORT %CFG );
use ClientConf;
@ISA = qw(Exporter);
@EXPORT = qw(%CFG &cfg);

%CFG = { global vars... };

sub cfg {
   my $CFG{$clientID} = new ClientConf;
   return $CFG{$clientID};

Under normal PERL $vars->{config} is a MyConfig object.  Under mod_perl 
nothing is returned.  Debugging with "print" statements in &cfg shows me 
that "ref $CFG{$clientID}" is ClientConf, the object is there, but upon 
return it just disappears.

I have other functions which "return new MyUser()" and these work 
perfectly, so I'm thinking that the problem lies with the global 
variable "$CFG" and that something which I think should be happening is 
NOT happening.

I'm flummoxed...

Thank-you for any insights!


McIntosh Cooey - Twelve Hundred Group LLC -

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