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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject Re: mod_perl works BUT rtld errors with some modules.
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 21:38:34 GMT
On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 1:29 PM, Michael Peters <> wrote:
> On 12/17/2009 04:25 PM, wrote:
>> BTW apache is starting as root and I have confirmed that is
>> being run as root by apache/mod_perl
>> I am going to look in more detail at what does in case
>> this gives any clues.
> Not sure if this helps or not, but on some systems LD_LIBRARY_PATH can't be
> set by the same process that uses it. So you need it set by the process that
> starts the process that uses. So for instance, you need to make sure it's
> set in your shell environment and that it gets exported to the commands you
> run (sometimes "su" can remove ENV vars). And then you'll need a "PassEnv
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH" and a "PerlPassEnv LD_LIBRARY_PATH". But you can't do a
> "SetEnv LD_LIBRARY_PATH" in your httpd.conf.
> Not sure if that will help or not though since it's been a while since I've
> touched AIX.

I remember LD_LIBRARY_PATH issues a few years ago with 64bit and
libpaths in /usr/lib64 etc.  I was able to resolve that by adding the
paths to /etc/ or something similar and then running
ldconfig to update the system library paths.  No such facility in AIX:

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