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Subject Re: mod_perl works BUT rtld errors with some modules.
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 21:25:06 GMT
Hi Perrin,

Yes I compiled it just after compiling perl.  Perl, apache, mod_perl and a 
number of modules I need were all compiled with the same compiler on the 
same machine.
I have recompiled and installed ARS (just in case I am losing my mind) but 
still have the same problem.
Note that I can run the from the command line OK, just fails 
when mod_perl tries.
I have also added use DBI and setup an Oracle dbh which connects fine - so 
at least some XS code does get loaded OK.

BTW apache is starting as root and I have confirmed that is 
being run as root by apache/mod_perl
I am going to look in more detail at what does in case this 
gives any clues.

Greg George

Perrin Harkins <> wrote on 18/12/2009 02:01:45 AM:
> On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 10:41 PM,  <> wrote:
> > [error] Can't load
> > '/opt/apache/perl/lib/site_perl/5.10.1/aix/auto/ARS/' for module 
> > rtld: 0712-001 Symbol xdr_sizeof was referenced
> >       from module
> > /opt/apache/perl/lib/site_perl/5.10.1/aix/auto/ARS/, but a 
> > definition
> >       of the symbol was not found.
> >
> > Outside of mod_perl, runs fine.
> Are you certain that ARS was compiled against the same perl as
> mod_perl was?  You might try recompiling it
> - Perrin
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