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Subject mod_perl works BUT rtld errors with some modules.
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 03:41:04 GMT
Hi List,

I have Apache/2.2.11 mod_perl/2.0.4 Perl/v5.10.1 all built with gcc on AIX 
Mod_perl works for simple scripts.
Adding 'use' to causes the following error:

[error] Can't load 
'/opt/apache/perl/lib/site_perl/5.10.1/aix/auto/ARS/' for module 
ARS: rtld: 0712-001 Symbol xdr_sizeof was referenced
      from module 
/opt/apache/perl/lib/site_perl/5.10.1/aix/auto/ARS/, but a runtime 
      of the symbol was not found.

Outside of mod_perl, runs fine.

Checking with dump -Tv shows:

                        ***Loader Symbol Table Information***
[Index]      Value      Scn     IMEX Sclass   Type           IMPid Name
[215]   0x00000000    undef      IMP     DS EXTref              .. 

and /usr/lib/libnsl.a(shr.o) contains xdr_sizeof

LDPATH is set in httpd.conf to include /usr/lib and this is confirmed with 
a print of %ENV from within (from mod_perl ie with use 
commented out)

I have confirmed that is running as root when the error occurs.

I have googled my heart out but can not find any answers.
Any clues, suggestions etc would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Greg George
IT Shared Services
Phone: +613-9091-2492
3/100 Victoria Prd, Melbourne

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