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From Jason Sonnenschein <>
Subject mod_perl precompiling help
Date Mon, 21 Dec 2009 23:47:03 GMT
Hello all,

We're running a perl-based web application and not seeing any speedups 
running under mod_perl.

I have a startup file that is attempting to precompile much of the code 
by using require for some files that are required in scripts, use for 
others that are perl modules, and many scripts are preloaded with this code:

my $rlbb = ModPerl::RegistryLoader->new(package => 
'ModPerl::Registry',debug   => 1);
foreach $pre (@preload_script) {
     $rlbb->handler("/mod_perl/$pre", "${fp_cgi}/$pre");
     $rlbb->handler("/MRcgi/mod_perl/$pre", "${fp_cgi}/$pre");

I can see in the mod perl status page that they are in fact 
precompiled.  The scripts show up in the status page " Compiled registry 
scripts grouped by their handler" and the requires show up in 
PerlRequire'd Files.  But the scripts actually run slower when I turn 
mod_perl on than when it is off.  Is there something I'm doing wrong 
here? </perl-status?script>



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