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From Tosh Cooey <>
Subject Re: mod_perl waters too deep
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2009 17:27:42 GMT
This is one of my options, but it's down at the bottom of my desired 
outcomes.  The CGI::Session modules have been getting a lot of reading 
lately ;)

Thanks Jay!


Jay Scherrer wrote:
> Tosh,
> If your users are already verified or not, try using a switch statement 
> based on their inputs directing them to the needed function.
> If they already have cookie info use that as your switch/case redirection.
> Jay Scherrer
> Tosh Cooey wrote:
>> You may have seen my other recent questions to the list this month, 
>> the gist of which is:
>> I want to setup an application for multiple clients, each of whom have 
>> their own users.
>> So the users of "clientA" log in to 
>> and are authenticated with 
>> Apache2::AuthCookieDBI
>> Now the directories clientA, clientB, etc. do not exist, I'm using 
>> mod_rewrite to sort that out, and here starts my problems.  First I'm 
>> lost with authenticating since there's no "real" resource to 
>> authenticate against, but I seem to have solved that by forcing 
>> authentication against all *.pl files which luckily do exist ;)
>> It gets more complicated later because some URLs like
>> can't use session cookies but have to 
>> use BASIC AUTH, and other *.pl files can't have any authentication 
>> applied against them.
>> I thought I could solve this by writing a but this 
>> also isn't working out.  For example MyAuthCookieDBI is an 
>> almost-empty child.  The parent (Apache2::AuthCookieDBI) has a 
>> function _dbi_connect() which manages all the database connecting, but 
>> I can't overwrite that function, even if MyAuthCookieDBI is the 
>> calling object the function from Apache2::AuthCookieDBI always gets 
>> called rather than the overridden function in my object.
>> That's kind of the tip of things, basically I'm realizing that I need 
>> professional help with this task before I end up requiring 
>> professional help for my nerves!
>> So if anyone can help with this then please contact me offlist with 
>> terms.
>> Thanks!
>> Tosh

McIntosh Cooey - Twelve Hundred Group LLC -

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