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From Tosh Cooey <>
Subject Subclassing Apache::AuthDBI
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2009 01:59:24 GMT
I'm trying to subclass Apache::AuthDBI by doing:

package MyAuthDBI;

use base "Apache::AuthDBI";

Then in apache.conf

PerlModule MyAuthDBI
<Location /test>
   AuthType Basic
   PerlAuthenHandler MyAuthDBI::authen

I'm getting the following error:

...failed to resolve handler `MyAuthDBI::authen': Can't locate 
MyAuthDBI/ in @INC...

Which kinda makes sense as an error message since the handler is 
declared MyAuthDBI::authen and not MyAuthDBI->authen and yet it works 
just fine if I allow Apache::AuthDBI to handle the Authen.

Is it non trivial to subclass Apache::AuthDBI?  Am I doing something 
glaringly dumb?

Thanks again...


McIntosh Cooey - Twelve Hundred Group LLC -

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