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From E R <>
Subject code in <perl> sections executed twice in same process?
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2009 22:10:59 GMT
Hi -

I am using mod-perl 1.3.41 with perl 5.8.9.

The only perl I have in my config file is:

  warn "This is a <perl> section in process $$ at time @{[time]}\n";
  warn "Done sleeping\n";

When I start it up in single process mode (-X), I'll something like
this on stderr (to the console):

This is a <perl> section in process 25597 at time 1258408992
Done sleeping

And also in the error log I'll see:

This is a <perl> section in process 25597 at time 1258408998
Done sleeping

The pids will be the same, but the times will be different (about 5
secs. apart.)

Is this "normal", and what can I do so that the code in <Perl>
sections is only executed once in the parent process?


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