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From Michiel Beijen <>
Subject Re: apache 2 reloads needed?
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2009 10:06:48 GMT
On Tue, 2009-11-03 at 10:27 +0100, André Warnier wrote:

> Greetings from sunny (right now anyway) Southern Germany.

Greetings from the cloudy Netherlands... BTW my colleagues from Straubing (Bavaria, Germany)
were complaining that it's raining cats and dogs today there.

> I see that you mention mysql.  This probably means DBI.
> I think you need to be a bit careful with DBI and Apache::Reload.  I 
> seem to recall that there are some particularities there
> (Probably in relation to permanent cached database connections).

The project I work on uses mod_perl, Apache::Reload, and Apache::DBI.
AFAIK Apache::Reload does not influence the database connection at all,
it just would monitor the modules on disk and if they change, they are
reloaded in memory. We use Apache::DBI to cache the database connection,
which basically means that the Apache child does not need to set up a
new connection any time it tries to open one. This has a performance

> In any case, I believe Apache::Reload is OK for a development server, 
> but on a production server this is probably not very efficient.
> There is no free lunch : if you ask the server to monitor certain things 
> and do something in case of change, then that has a cost.

We use it (and even recommend it) on a production server! We have
measured a performance degradation of about 7% when running with
Apache::Reload. In most setups, this would not be an issue and it is
better than having to restart apache.... but of course in a high-load
environment it will be something to consider.

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