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From Scott Gifford <>
Subject Re: Ways to scale a mod_perl site
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2009 15:52:57 GMT
Brad Van Sickle <> writes:

>>> 3) Being enabled by item 2, add more webservers and balancers
>>> 4) Create a separate database for cookie data (Apache::Session objects)
>>> ??? -- not sure if good idea --
>> I've never seen the need to do that. In fact, I would suggest you
>> drop sessions altogether if you can. If you need any per-session
>> information then put it in a cookie. If you need this information to
>> be tamper-proof then you can create a hash of the cookie's data that
>> you store as part of the cookie. If you can reduce the # of times
>> that each request needs to actually hit the database you'll have big
>> wins.
> Can I get you to explain this a little more?  I don't see how this
> could be used for truly secure sites because I don't quite understand
> how storing a hash in a plain text cookie would be secure.

The general idea is that you store a cryptographic hash of the cookie
information plus a secret only your app knows.  Using | to show string
contatenation, your cookie would be:


An attacker can't create the right hash because they don't know your
secret, and they can't change any fields in the cookie because the
hash would become invalid.


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