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From Scott Gifford <>
Subject Re: Ways to scale a mod_perl site
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 19:40:17 GMT
Igor Chudov <> writes:

> My server serves about 77k pageviews and a little over a million
> objects requests per day (with half of it being served in just 4 hours). I peak
> out at 35 requests per second currently.

Some high-level advice: Profile everything you can to see where your
bottlenecks are.  If you don't have bottlenecks, simulate enough load
that you do.  I am frequently surprised by what turn out to be the
slow parts of my code.

At a high-level, you can use tools like top, vmstat, iostat, iotop,
etc. to check whether it's CPU, memory, or disk space that you're
running out of first.

For CPU, you can use top to see which process is using most of your
CPU, the database, app, or something else.

Inside your app, you can use Perl's profiling tools to see which parts
of your app need to be sped up.

Hope this is helpful!


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