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From Steven Siebert <>
Subject Re: Why people not using mod_perl
Date Thu, 17 Sep 2009 21:50:05 GMT
> > Add to this Jeff's comment on the availability of high caliber perl
> > engineers...we are almost forced to make this decision.
> Maybe you aren't looking in the right places:
> YAPC::*
> This email list
> The Perl Mongers groups
> Dice, Craigslist, Monster, etc. are great places to find Java
> programmers but bad places to find Perl programmers.  In Silicon
> Valley, you can usually shake a tree and a couple of Java programmers
> will fall out.. ;)
> I agree with you for the typical environment...however, our project is not
government owned but comes with a current/updated security clearance
requirement - significantly reducing the available pool.  Our situation is
unique in that requirement but I it reduces the pool of eligible programmers
across all languages the same (although I have no research to back up this
claim).  So...if there are 1:1000 quality perl:java engineers our ratio
stays the same...but the pool is that much smaller.

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