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From Matthew Young <>
Subject simple modperl 1.0 code example for a non programmer.
Date Sun, 27 Sep 2009 23:45:47 GMT

Id like to say that Ive been browsing and its
snippets section for help however I quickly realised that many of the
examples where written for modperl 2.0 which is why Id like to ask if
anybody could help me with a simple code snippet .. iam sure for the gurus
this wont take long. Id like to dive in learning perl myself but that will
happen later.

All I need is a .pm that is hooked up via the  PerlPostReadRequestHandler in
the httpd.conf (apache 1.3) so that it sets co0kie  if the GET var ($var) is

This off course will be evaluated for all the requests to my webserver ,
thats the idea.  Also, mod_perl is compiled with EVERYTHING=1 .

Thanks to whom had the time to help.


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