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From Morten Bjørnsvik <>
Subject RE: distributing software built on mod_perl
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 14:56:54 GMT

We ship commercial software based on mod_perl2 and mason.

We build the entire stack from perl,database,apache,openssl + own software
under /opt to separate it completely from RedHat Enterprise/SLES patching breaking
the system.

Currently we have stable rpm spec files for base perl and apache + ssl

Then we have a script that downloads and creates a cpan repository based on a config
file to get the correct versions. Those modules we store locally and use
as a distribution repository.

Then we have an install script that install all those cpan modules based on
/opt/perl/bin/perl ./Makefile.PL + options in correct order and solves all dependencies.
It also holds path to MQ,DB2,Oracle etc software if needed.

When you deal with cpan you must keep a local repository, because cpan moves,
and suddenly a developer releases a new version, and deletes the old one because
it has an error. We also have some modules that we have bugfixed ourselves.

We can then choose to create a rpm of entire perl + libraries for apache, mod_perl
etc, but mostly this is only needed when customers do not have compilers and dev libraries

Then we set up our own software and configure the system.

This works fairly ok, I use around 30 minutes to set up a rather complex lamp-stack.
(if there are no other issues). We also support 386 and x64 seemlessly and can
easily test all varities of perl like 5.8.8, 5.8.9 5.10.0 and 5.10.1 and apache 2.0 and
2.2 to see what is most stable and fastest.

We also create a group, use umask 0002, chmod g+rws(dir) and g+rwx(files)
on all our software, so we do not need to be root to restart anything on the stack.
We have our own perl based /etc/init.d/startup scripts.

We have had lots of issues in the past when we used redhats lamp-stack.
Sysadmins tend to update every time redhat issues a critical patch.

Morten Bjoernsvik, Experian Decision Analytics, Oslo Norway

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From: [] On Behalf Of Mike Barborak
Sent: 10. september 2009 15:55
Subject: distributing software built on mod_perl


We have built some software that depends on mod_perl and are working
on how to distribute it to customers and have them install it. It
seems the task we're asking of our customer is not for the faint of
heart as it involves a lot of command line operations, an
understanding of their web server installation, and the ability to
install mod_perl and some number of Perl modules on which our software
depends. Standing at the foot of this documentation and installation
script mountain, we're looking for trails blazed by those who have
come before.

So, can anyone point me at other software with these requirements and
their solution to this problem? Particularly ones that have handled
theses issues well?

Alternately, do you think our approach is fundamentally unsound for
our intentions? Is there a better way to write and distribute Apache


Mike Barborak
Technical Director


1201 Broadway, #704
New York, NY 10001

office: 646 201 9347
cell: 646 263 7029

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