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From William T <>
Subject Re: distributing software built on mod_perl
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2009 16:49:02 GMT
Whenever I creating shrink-wrapped software I always make packaging
and distribution part of the development, qa and testing process.  All
packages for the platforms that we will be supporting.  The reason I
do this is to cut down on the customer support overhead.  I've found
you get less calls and emails regarding installation.  And more
importantly when it comes to supporting the customer they all have the
same installation per platform which often times makes things much
easier to debug (or at least removes alot of potential sources for

In practice what this means that we have an additional make target,
package which creates the appropriate package for the platform it's
running on.  I also have automated unit test which pull apart the
installation verifying meta data and install bits, as well as running
the installation in a sandbox to verify installation occurs without
issue.  It can be alot of upfront time to set this up, but very little
maintenance is required once it's up and running.



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