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From Michael Peters <>
Subject Re: Ways to scale a mod_perl site
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 17:15:56 GMT
On 09/16/2009 01:02 PM, Igor Chudov wrote:

> I actually do cache generated pictures, I store them in a database table
> called 'bincache'. This way I do not have to compute and draw every
> image on the fly. If I have a picture in bincache, I serve it, and if I
> do not, I generate it and save it. That saves some CPU, but makes mysql
> work harder.

Then don't put it in your database. A cache is not a permanent store and 
it's usage patterns will be different than a database. I'd either use a 
real cache like memcached or have your proxies cache them. In addition 
to that you can send the appropriate HTTP cache headers so that browsers 
themselves will never request that image again. Make the client machine 
do the caching.

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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