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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: PerlSwitches -I
Date Sun, 06 Sep 2009 09:30:43 GMT
Adam Prime wrote:
> Artem Kuchin wrote:
>> I have run into a problem. I want to have my packages
>> precompiled in apache process with
>> PerlModule X:Y
>> X:Y is my own package with is located in the site directory.
>> The site is a virtual host.
>> However, this apache also has many other virtual hosts with ALMOST the 
>> same
>> software with a package named X:Y, but a little bit modified.
>> So, in those virtual hosts i also need PerlModule X:Y
>> The problem is that mod_perl cannot find X:Y until i specify
>> PerlSwitches -I/host1/dir
>> But this works globally and cannot be specified per virtual host. I am 
>> stuck here,
>> but i need this personalizaed for each virtual host.
>> Any workaround?
> PerlOptions +Parent
> I personally don't have any experience with this, but there are a number 
> of threads in the archives about it, some of which actually do have 
> confirmation that people managed to get it working right (IIRC)
> Adam

I believe there may also be a subtle misunderstanding here:
An Apache Virtual Host is not, by itself, a separate process or thread.
All Apache children processes (pre-fork) or threads (worker) are created 
equal; they ALL "contain" all virtual hosts.  A Virtual Host is only a 
"personality" that the child/thread which is handling the current 
request adopts temporarily, to handle this current request.  At the next 
request, the same child/thread may take the personality of another 
Virtual Host.
The only way to "personalise" something "for this Virtual Host", is to 
make it totally dynamic, executed on a per-request base.

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