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From "Justin Wyllie" <>
Subject huge httpd processes
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2009 19:19:03 GMT

I've been attempting to fine-tune my server.

The apache/mod_perl processes are around 90 Mbs - to start with. 

I've preloaded a lot of code in the startup file and that makes the shared memory space about
6 Mb. I can now see how my processes do not grow due to code being loaded when it is requested.

But I'm struggling to understand why my processes are so huge. Using top with the DATA field
that shows that almost all the 90 mbs is data not executable code. If this is the correct
interpretation of that? (Indeed it looks like it is swapping straight away as in some cases
the data is greater than the resident memory and must therefore be in virtual memory). 

There is some convoluted code which loads 16 mbs of data into memory when it serves a request
- which I have not yet tracked down. (It is a complicate custom searching application ....)
but the processes start at 90 Mb even before this.

I'm wondering if anyone can advise me on how I could go about trying to understand where this
90 Mbs is comming from? Some of it must be the mod_perl and apache binaries - but how much
should they be, and apart from the 6mb in shared memory for my pre-loaded modules, where is
it all comming from?

many thanks

Justin Wyllie
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