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From Clinton Gormley <>
Subject Re: huge httpd processes
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2009 22:16:56 GMT

> I tried undef'ing @data just before the return as it is no longer used
> but 
> this only gained me 1/2 Mb. I would have expected to get all 8Mbs
> back. I 
> don't understand why not.
Perl (as least on the OS's that I'm familiar with) doesn't release used
memory back to the OS.

Have a look at:

for more discussion on the matter.

But basically, try to avoid loading all that data in your mod_perl
> Also - in general terms if you do something like this (simplified):

> our $var;
> sub new() {
> $var = "hello world";
> }
> \Since the module containing the package MyClass is loaded into the 
> apache/mod_perl process does $var ever go out of scope once set? I
> think 
> not - and it's memory is never freed? if this is correct and I used
> my 
> instead even then would it go out scope ?

It wouldn't go out of scope because it's scope continues to exist until

There are good reasons for using variables at package level, but don't
use them if you don't have to.


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