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Subject RFC: Apache2::CloseKeepAlive
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2009 10:43:58 GMT
I'm working toward contributing a module with this working title
to CPAN, and would like your comments and advice.

The short story is that it's a mod_perl2 mechanism for optimizing
the KeepAlive option in the Apache2 server. The long story is at
I'm tentatively convinced it's worth contributing, but you're welcome
to tell me why it's not. For sure, your advice on how to improve it
will be very welcome.

•	What CPAN module(s) is (are) most like this one, to use as
	model(s) for how to package, test, and install it?
•	The plan is to use Module::Build and Apache::Test.
	What else or something different?
•	Is something as specialized as this worth including in the
	GP Perl libraries? Or is it better to just ask where the
	mod_perl2 library is?
•	Is inclusion in the GP Perl libraries a prerequisite or
	assumption of Module::Build or of CPAN?

In addition to where to put the module itself, it needs a place to
put a companion DB-building app and a place for the resulting DB.
These are not standard features of a module installation.
Probably I just ask the user where they should go?
If so, how do I use the answers?

Thanks for being there,

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