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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: mod_perl Output Filters and mod_deflate
Date Thu, 06 Aug 2009 09:14:39 GMT
.. and sorry again for sending directly to you.  I keep forgetting this 
list doesn't set this automatically.

James Smith wrote:
> Has anyone had experience of using mod_perl OutputFilters with
> mod_deflate, I've been banging my head against a brick wall today....
> I've learnt a lot about bucket brigades - but for every two steps
> forward it's one step back...
> Scenario:
>     static page - being wrapped with an output filter - works with or
> without mod_deflate
>     dynamic page - either Perl or PHP, without mod_deflate the output of
> the page gets re-processed and the correct HTML is produced, but with
> mod_deflate the content returned is the unwrapped output (i.e. the
> output before the output filter has been actioned?)
> any ideas or ways to resolve this...
> below is my code....
> package Sanger::Web::DecoratePage;
Sorry, I did not go through your code.
I assume however that this code has some way of detecting whether it
should do something to this output or not.

If mod_deflate sees the output first however, it will compress it.
Your filter, if it comes second, may not recognise this compressed
output anymore, and thus do nothing but let it through. Same for PHP.

Alternatively, mod_deflate is being a bad boy, and disables any filters
that may come after it.  In a way this would be justified, because it
really needs to be at the end of the chain.

Unfortunately, I am rich in guesses but poor in solutions.

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