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From Mike Diehn <>
Subject Can a PerlAuthzHandler access ENV variables set by mod_auth_kerb?
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2009 17:14:36 GMT

Hello, all.

I'm authenticating users with mod_auth_krb and setting KrbSaveCredentials
to on.  I've found that the credentials are stored in a file in /tmp.  The
name of the file is passed to CGI programs as the contents of an ENV var

I'm handling the authorization phase with a mod_perl2 PerlAuthzHandler
script.  I want to use the credentials that mod_auth_kerb just verified. 
By this phase, the name of the credential cache file has been stored
somewhere by mod_auth_kerb.

The question is this:

   How can I get that filename?
   How can I read the ENV that will ultimately go to CGI scripts?

PerlPassEnv seems not to do it.


Mike Diehn
Enfield, NH

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