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From Alan McKay <>
Subject Re: first time debugging apache/mod_perl Seg fault
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2009 11:51:23 GMT
>> OK, I'm doing this, but it seems that the file it produces only ever
>> gets up to 7.3M and that's it.

OK, the reason the file only ever got to 7.3M was indeed because
apache would of course fork a bunch of processes.

The way to get around this is to start it in debug mode with the -X option.

We did this last night, and also figured out a way to get our load
tool to deal with it properly  We use a product called Neo Load which
allows us to record a web session and then play it back but in playing
back you can change a whole whack of different options.  In this case
we set it to 1 user, and only 1 connection.  It worked!

We got a crash overnight and now have a good trace.  My front-end guy
won't be in for another 3 hours to look at it, so I'll let y'all know
at that time whether or not we've caught it.  But it sure is looking
good at least!

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