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From Alan McKay <>
Subject Re: first time debugging apache/mod_perl Seg fault
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2009 19:29:32 GMT

OK, I'm doing this, but it seems that the file it produces only ever
gets up to 7.3M and that's it.

I'm guessing it is because when httpd forks off all the children, they
do not record to this file anymore.

So I try the -X option to prevent apache from forking, but our
application does not like that very much at all for some reason.

Also, the above link does not show me how to determine from the log
file where Apache crashed.  All it says is "We will show only the part
that actually executes the handler created on the fly by
Apache::Registry:".   OK, so what?   That quote means nothing to me.
Can someone translate it into something that I understand (assuming it
is actually something to do with where Apache core dumps)


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