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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: How to write a handler
Date Fri, 31 Jul 2009 13:50:18 GMT
Adam Prime wrote:
> Sudheer Puppala wrote:
>> Hi
>>   I am java/flex programmer since 1yrs and a little bit of perl. I 
>> have a requirement of write a
>> handler at apache http server side using perl.
>> Scenario:
>>   1. My flex application request for a particular file to the apache
>>   server.
>>   2. The server upon receiving a request look for the mime type of the
>>   file. If that file mime type is video/flv or .flv I should write a 
>> handler
>>   for that.
>>   3. The handler should be in a position to call a java class. where I 
>> will
>>   decrypt the fille and send it back to the flex application.
>> Here my request is how can I write my own handler? where can I write 
>> it? and
>> as I am not a perl programmer, I am not getting the solution for that. So
>> could any one help me with an example.
> I'd start here:
> to get the headers (including the content-type) from the incoming request:
> to run Java code you can look at:

--- OR (alternatively) -----

"Behind" your Apache httpd server, you can run an Apache Tomcat server, 
which is a Java servlet engine specialised for that.
Your front-end Apache module can, if necessary, forward a request to the 
back-end Tomcat server.  The back-end Tomcat server runs the request 
(and the Java application).  The result comes back to your front-end 
mod_perl module, which returns it to the client.

Schematically :

A) If the request is entirely processed by the mod_perl handler in Apache :

in) Client --> Apache httpd --> mod_perl handler
out) Client <-- Apache httpd <-- mod_perl handler

B) If the request requires a processing by a Java application :

in) Client --> Apache httpd --> mod_perl handler --> Tomcat --> Java app
out) Client <-- Apache httpd <-- mod_perl handler <-- Tomcat <-- Java app

One of the basic Perl mottos is : There Is More Than One Way To Do It

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