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Subject Re: Linux::Smaps on RHEL
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 13:27:28 GMT

I've tested on Redhat Nahant (RHEL4, i don't like it but my situation is similar to yours),
an effectively the permissions are very tight, 600 for the smaps file. Let's look at the smaps
of the current process (bash in this case):

[hans@led ~]$ ls -l /proc/$$/smaps

-r--------  1 hans hans 0 jul 22 08:47 /proc/25064/smaps

In any case root and the user owner of the process can read the file, you must run the process
that is reading the smaps file as root or as the user owner  of the process. If you can't
do it in normal ways, you can achieve this using the setuid bit to force the auditing process
to run under the user owning the maps.

Good luck

----- "Jonathan Swartz" <> escribió:

> I'm running into the problem using Linux::Smaps on RHEL with an Apachee
> server on port 80. Namely, that the httpd child doesn't have  
> permissions to look at the smaps file.
>       Linux::Smaps: Cannot open /proc/20074/smaps: Permission denied
>    or
>       Linux::Smaps: Cannot open /proc/self/smaps: Permission denied
> I believe it is this bug:
> Since the redhat folks don't seem to be in a hurry to fix this, I'm  
> wondering if anyone has discovered a workaround. (Other than, "don't 
> use RHEL" - beyond my control. :))
> Thanks
> Jon

Hans Poo, WeLinux S.A.
Oficina: 697.25.42, Celular: 09-319.93.05
Bombero Ossa # 1010, Santiago

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