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From Torsten Foertsch <>
Subject Re: Pass variable
Date Tue, 05 May 2009 09:44:27 GMT
On Tue 05 May 2009, Idel Fuschini wrote:
> how can I read this variable from php and jsp application ?

subprocess_env manipulates environment variables. So, if your 
application can read them it fetches them from that place.

> I did in perl code:
> $r->subprocess_env("XXX" => $value);
> In cgi I see something like:

Somehow you managed to execute an internal redirect between the time 
your filter is invoked and the CGI script. Is there an ErrorDocument 
involved? Another way to get an internal redirect is a CGI script that 
prints these 2 headers:

Status: 200
Location: /new/url

Apache then copies all environment variables (subprocess_env) from the 
original request to the environment of the new (redirected) request 
with "REDIRECT_" prepended to all names. That is why you see a 
REDIRECT_XXX variable.


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