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From Steve Siebert <>
Subject Re: PUT handler
Date Fri, 24 Apr 2009 14:22:39 GMT

You do not have to 'tell' apache your going to do fact,  
there are no mechanisms or reasons to do something like that with the  
mod_perl architecture. You simply handle the request as you want to...

There are some stipulations handling PUT requests, if you read it  
directly from stream you can only do it once, for example. Ensure you  
read the mod_perl docs on it and try it out.

Ps. If you find the dogs cryptic, feel free to share your experience  
through blogs or documentation contributions!



On Apr 24, 2009, at 6:51 AM, André Warnier <> wrote:

> Greetings.
> I would like to create a mod_perl PUT handler, but I don't really  
> understand if I have for that to do anything special in the  
> handler() method (apart from dealing with the PUT data itself).
> Is there an example somewhere ?
> In particular, I don't understand this page :
> Does that mean that I have to tell Apacher somehow in advance that I  
> do accept PUT requests, or does it mean the opposite ?
> Thanks.

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