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From Iosif Fettich <>
Subject Re: who's putting that <pre> tag in the output...?
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2009 11:14:13 GMT
Hi Perrin,

> I don't see you printing any content type or other headers.  Those
> aren't in $response->content.

I've ommited printing headers explicitely :(

Have to see when and how I should do this; simply inserting a

$r->content_type( 'text/html' );

before my

$r->print( $content );

seems to be a NOOP..

> Everything you've shown so far could be done more efficiently by a 
> couple of lines of mod_rewrite.

I'll re-read mod_rewrite then ;)

I'm just not aware yet that I could check the outcome of a subrequest and 
put some proxied response in place if the subrequest is unsuccessful. 
Isn't mod-rewrite just a _request_ rewrite ?


Iosif Fettich

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