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From Byrne Reese <>
Subject Re: decline and fall of modperl?
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2009 22:06:37 GMT
> Do you know other sites that don't use Movable Type? :-)

Not as extensively. :)

> But even if we talk about Movable Type... I've seen that WordPress  
> is known much better than MovableType. Gues why. MovableType has  
> much more features than WordPress, however WordPress is better  
> known. Maybe because there are much much more interface translations  
> for WordPress than for MovableType, or maybe because it uses PHP and  
> there are much more PHP programmers.

I won't belabor this thread with a competitive analysis of WordPress'  
mindshare over MT as the answer to that question is multifaceted. But  
I will say that the fact that WP is written in PHP has A LOT to do  
with it. It also has an incredibly liberal commit/patch policy,  
lending to both the speed of its advancement and negatively to its  
security; but most importantly to its success in recruiting new  
developers to the platform.

> MovableType is a big success of Perl.

That is great to hear. I am working on a project hopefully that will  
get the folks from this community perhaps more actively engaged in the  
development and advancement of MT. I am very proud of MT and remain  
committed to its success.


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