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From Octavian R√Ęsnita <>
Subject Re: decline and fall of modperl?
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2009 21:18:20 GMT
From: "Alexandr Ciornii" <>
> Hi.
> It possible to encrypt perl sources with same safety as with PHP -
> with possibility of source decryption. But Perl developers are in
> general more advanced than PHP developers so they know how to decrypt
> it, in contrast to PHP developers that do not know that encrypted PHP

I heard this theory for more times but nobody was able to give an example.

Can you re-create the clear PHP source code from an encoded PHP file that 
was encoded with ZendEncoder?
Can you give an example of a program or module that can do the same type of 
encryption for perl?

> sources can easily be decrypted. There are also some bytecode
> compilers for Perl (alpha stage).

Alpha stage means something useless for the present time.

Can I encrypt some .pm modules in such a way that they couldn't be decrypted 
easier than the PHP files encrypted by Zend Encoder?
If yes, please tell us how, because it would be a really important 
information for the perl developers.


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