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From Foo JH <>
Subject Re: decline and fall of modperl?
Date Fri, 27 Mar 2009 04:09:10 GMT
David Ihnen wrote:
> I suppose we need more programmers than those programmers who are just
> interested in coding?  I never met a good programmer who wasn't
> intrinsically interested in it. 
They like to program, then they realise that being a programmer means
been strangled by middle management. Then they start to aspire to BE the
middle management (if not higher).

The problem in a way is not really about interest, but rather the fact
that s/w dev is commoditised to a higher degree, more than other
engineering positions. It's a nasty feeling when your job is constantly
challenged by half-priced (in some places it's quarter-priced) off-shore
devs. Yes we all know the pain in outsourcing. But tell that to managers
who spend more time cutting costs than increasing revenue to increase
bottom line.

>>> Who cares?  Hiding source code is valueless.
>> You haven't met the China folks have you? :)
> No.   What do they do in China with open code like open source code?
Probably the same thing as with the iPhone: open it up: muck ard with a
few trivial items, change the product name, sell it at half price.

There's a name for this rising trend in China. It's called ShanZai;
loosely translating to 'Mountain Fortress'. And they're damn proud of it.

> Being able to analyze and apply a direct fix to code that is
> malfunctioning is of such high value that making it impossible is a
> serious handicap. 
Agreed. Assuming you have the pro dev in your team.

> I keep thinking they're ashamed of their code thats why they want to
> hide it.
Now you're just getting personal... :)

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