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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: who's putting that <pre> tag in the output...?
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2009 09:31:49 GMT
Iosif Fettich wrote:
I have not looked at your code in detail, but in general : there is 
nothing in Apache or mod_perl that will automatically and magically wrap 
any response in any html tag sequence.
So the only reasonable explanation, is that it is your back-end server 
which generates these tags (or your browser ?).
Why don't you put some tracing code in your handler, to dump what it 
really receives from the back-end ?
Like :

	$r->log_error("going to get : $new_url")
         my $content = $response->content;
	$r->log_error("got : " . $content);

and look in your Apache error log.
You could also use lwp-request (comes with perl), to retrieve directly 
what you think your handler is retrieving.
lwp-request, as the name indicates, uses the LWP module, just like your 
handler does.

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