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From Adam Prime <>
Subject Re: mp2 bug t/apache/util.t
Date Sat, 21 Mar 2009 17:25:02 GMT
Adam Prime wrote:
> This looks like a localization thing to me.  I'm guessing that on your 
> system for some reason ^\w+$ doesn't match against 'Mär'.  It fails on 
> my gentoo box too:
> perl -e "print ('Mär' =~ /^\w+$/)"
> prints undef.
> however,
> perl -Mutf8 -e "print ('Mär' =~ /^\w+$/) , qq[\n\n]"
> works, so i'm guessing we just need to through a "use utf8" into the 
> test or something?
> In the meantime, that seems like a bug in the test to me, more than a 
> problem with mod_perl.

I just looked at this a bit further, and it would appear that the test 
does attempt handle utf8 locals.  The actual code for the tests resides 
in t/response/TestApache/  If you want to try to figure out 
what's really going on, that's where you should look.


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